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Our founders are both brand builders & explorers. Susie as a passionate merchant and effective business leader. Rebecca as a creative talent, conceiving of & transforming brands.

Together they have worked on global giants. Harrods and Ralph Lauren. LVMH, Estee Lauder & Burberry. Until they came together and found a perfect partnership.

They soon realized they wanted to build something of their own.

Something that reflected where they come from. Something that celebrated who they are. Something they wanted for themselves but could not find.

Susie was born in Cape Town in South Africa. Rebecca grew up on the beaches of Sydney in Australia. Today they each spend time in NYC & the Hudson Valley.

They grew up in unparalleled natural beauty. And love the outdoors. Their off-sites are spent hiking on mountain tops.

Their product would have to be special. Free of all nasties. Clean, portable and minimal. One they could share proudly with their friends.

Both also love the energy and pace of the city. Travelling separately they followed similar paths. Moving to London and then New York City.

They broke glass ceilings and remained true to themselves. They learned the feeling of jetlag & powering through. They moved seamlessly from work to work out. Work out to night out. They wanted a product that moved with them.

Their product would have to be portable. One you could take with you and use all day. A product that made you feel great and kept you ready for anything.

City and country.
Energy and peace.
Beauty and function.
Work and life.
Family and friends.
In balance, Bronty was born.

They believe nothing is impossible & that we are all explorers at heart.

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