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It really does take a village.

When we first started out on this venture we were two ex corporate warriors who had chosen out of the system.

We have chosen to create something that mattered to us.

Something that we cared about.

Something that we believed in and would use ourselves.

In short something to be proud of.

People said it will take over two years to create. Ha!  no we are experts we can do it in under a year.

In the end it did take over two years. We refused to compromise on our formulas and learnt that this truly does take time. Hidden nasties are everywhere and if we truly wanted to be clean and super beneficial it would take time, patience and friends.

The list would be too long to write here but we hope you all know who you are. Family, friends and colleagues who helped and guided us along the way.

We are truly blessed to have such generous people around us and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for helping us bring our baby Bronty to life.

XX Susie & Rebecca

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